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Sònia's Summer Summary!

Look at that alliteration! Instead of many little baby posts, let's start out with what I did this summer and the wonderful people who helped make it happen. Shoutout to the Lighthouse Ladies for the creative inspiration and spirit everyday :).

This was the summer that I finally learned (the hard way) that there is a such thing as doing too much on a film set. Now, I know what you're thinking (something along the lines of you just realized this?) and I know I'm quite late to the game. I'll admit it! However, I tend to think if there is a will, there is a way. The question now becomes: is the way you found the best way to go? This summer, I figured out the answer was no. But hey, you live and you learn!


5.7.22 - Premiere of new Lighthouse Ladies Short Wrong Bar

I started my summer off right and early with the premiere of Wrong Bar, a short that I wrote, directed, produced, edited, partially shot, and starred in. Yeah, too effin' much. It premiered to a small group of wonderful friends and supporters and is currently undergoing another round of edits. I'm hoping to release it officially before 2023... more info to come.

Special thanks to Stonestreet Studios, the Katra Bar and Lounge, and the folks that brought this film to life!

Ooh! There I am! On set! and...

... in the Katra Bar and Lounge doing absolutely too much!

She's self-aware folks.

I promise.


5.23.22 - Teaching & Production Internship at Stonestreet Studios

I got a job at the wonderful Stonestreet Studios as a Teaching Assistant, Production Assistant, and on-call substitute. I had the chance to DP, AD, produce, write, and teach and was on-set nearly everyday.


6.8.22 - Attended a Screening for a Film I starred in!

A film I starred in premiered on the big screen! Official release date for Malcolm Mills' Such a Good Cook coming soon!


6.10.22 - I booked a big *undisclosed* job!

While I can't talk about it yet (boooo!), this was one of the highlights of my summer! Shoutout to my commercial agent who submitted me for this incredible project :).


6.11.22 - I starred in a staged reading with Imaginarium Theatre Co!

In early June, I had the pleasure of bringing Queen Consort of Holland (and Napoleon's

stepdaughter) Hortense de Beauharnais to life in Connor McKenna's most recent work On The Education of Imperial Daughters.

Photo Credits: Marc Werner


6.21.22 - Attended a Film Festival!

I attended the Manhattan Film Festival to support Stonestreet Studios' new episodic series For the Love of Art. What a fun night!

Photo Credits: Getty Images


In the month of June - I supported and saw a whole lot of theatre!

From Broadway to Upstate New York to NYC Readings, I enjoyed supporting fellow artists and friends in their creative endeavors. And, while I don't personally know Beanie Feldstein (yet!), I loved seeing what she brought to the role of Fanny Brice!


7.8.22 - I starred in a Short Film for The Black Skirts (Korean Artist!)

It was so unbelievably fun to "party" for hours with some amazing folks. The YouTube video now has over 100,000 views and you can catch me around the 5:06 mark, among other times.

The Black Skirts (검정치마) - Teen Troubles In Dirty Jersey: watch the short film here!


7.27.22 - I shot an *undisclosed* short film

I got to play quite the funky character and can't wait to share more soon!!


8.3.22 - Callback for *undisclosed* animation company!

I loved being in the booth with executives from this animation company. Whichever direction they end up going in, I'm grateful to have met and worked with them :). Shoutout to Hyperbolic Audio here in NYC for their kindness and support!


8.6.22 - Starred in a pilot in association with Jax Media

Playing Alex on set at the Jax Media Headquarters was a dream come true! I loved working with this amazing team and hope to be back this Fall...


8.10.22 - My new short play Grassy Gal premiered at the La MaMa Galleria!

In association with production company The Fool Volk, a new short play of mine Grassy Gal (based on a photograph by Diane Arbus) premiered, with me in the titular role!


8.22.22 - Got some new modeling digitals!

Thanks to the talented and lovely Heather Lynn Wong, I now have new modeling digitals! To check them out, please visit the Photo Gallery tab of my website.


8.28.22 - Selected to Judge the NYU Film Festival

It was an absolute honor to serve on the judging panel of the NYU Film Festival. Our selections ended up walking away with up to $1000 in prize money. Then...

8.31.22 - Coordinated the NYU Professional Comedy Show

In association with the Skirball Performing Arts Center and NYU Welcome, I helped coordinate the NYU Professional Comedy Show featuring Erik Rivera, Glorelys Mora, and Zubi Ahmed. They were absolutely lovely to chat with and hilarious to watch perform. How fun!

Alright alright! That's enough for now! I had a pretty fulfilling summer and am probably missing a few things here and there, but I truly would like to thank everyone who made this summer one to remember. Can't wait to see what's next!


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