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HI! I'm...

Sònia Victoria Werner






an artist of many names, cultures, languages, and passions...

Hi there! (For the last time ..... I promise) I'm Sònia Victoria Werner, but from here on out, feel free to call me Vikki for short! I'm an NYC-based actor, writer, producer, director, filmmaker, educator, life coach, MUA, VO artist, and entrepreneur. That's a ~fancy~ way of saying I'm a creator who has a passion to do it all! As a First-Generation American, I grew up calling many different places "home". From my mamá's casa in Tarragona, Spain to my papa's teeny tiny apartment in Hamburg, Germany to my home base in Millburn, NJ, I was lucky enough to experience many different countries and cultures and fostered quite the eclectic artistic spirit as a result! My parents named me Sònia Victoria Werner—Sònia, as a tribute name to my mamá Trini who wasn't allowed to be named Sònia due to the dictatorship she was living under at the time; Victoria, as a name that works in all 4 languages of our international family; and Werner, a name passed down to me from my papa. People started calling me Victoria and Vikki from a young age, and my friends continue to do so. However, professionally, I go by the full name because it feels more in line with who I become in the arts—a fuller sense of self, if you will. I have lots of names and I love them all, so that's the story there :).

Telling authentic stories is of the utmost importance to me, and as a trilingual actress and writer, I strive to find opportunities to do so. I've dabbled in bilingual screen and playwriting (English/Spanish or English/German... for the time being :)) and get excited about auditioning for roles that reflect the heritages I grew up experiencing and aligning myself with. I'm also always up for a good challenge and am eager to put in the work to embody characters so far outside of myself. I've said this since middle school and it still holds true now: I don't see the performing arts as an "escape" from the world, rather as an enhancer of the world around me—an opportunity to live life in many different shoes. In other words, it's not a sort of coping mechanism, it's a inspirational driving force that fuels me every single day.

I find myself drawn to roles full of depth, wit, and intrigue. I've found that "type" can be limiting, so instead of typing myself, I seek to create dynamic characters of all kinds in all genres. Sure... I do have a couple favorite genres and characters to play... but I'll keep that to mys—ah screw it. If Jordan Peele (Get Out; Us; Key & Peele), Greta Gerwig (Frances Ha; Ladybird), or Charlie Brooker (Black Mirror) have a casting call out, I'm there! Dystopian realities and psychological thrillers are my bread and butter, and I hope to bring complex, yet relatable characters like those present in the above films and shows to life in the most truthful ways! 

That's a little introduction into all things Vikki! When I'm not being my multi-hyphenate self (c'mon, Vikki, they get it), you can find me creating new recipes, pondering philosophical conundrums (and often exploring them through writing of my own), practicing my ASL/learning some new language, hula-hooping, teaching and private tutoring kids K-12 nationwide online, and getting involved with social justice and voting initiatives. You may also find me gushing about the 2004 film The Incredibles on occasion, as it deserves. But that's me!

To see more of Vikki/me, check out my Personality Reel here!

If you're still confused about the whole multiple name thing, read more about that here!


If you'd like to chat or collaborate, feel free to reach out!

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