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Hi and welcome to my content creation portfolio! While I don't necessarily believe in fitting into one niche box, I am a big believer in radiating your authentic self in any way possible! I'm a first-generation Hispanic-American, and a proud member of Gen Z and the LGBTQ+ community. I aim to infuse everything I create with my unique perspective and identity. When I'm not producing or acting, you'll find me filming UGC, reviews, content of my rabbit Cinnamon, and more, all of which has amassed millions of views across my own platform and brand accounts. As you may be able to tell from the rest of my site, my background is in the arts, so I love to edit my own content and would love to partner to make your content dreams come true!

In 2023, I was selected from a competitive pool of applicants to join the Digital Influence TikTok Live Creator Agency and am thrilled to receive their mentorship!

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I've had the honor of partnering and/or working with various brands including (but not limited to)...

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For any and all inquiries (and to learn more about my rates), please feel free to get in touch!


  • TikTok
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