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Director & producer

I truly love to direct and produce innovative women-led works—from experimental bilingual dramas to contemporary comedies! My background in teaching and coaching aids me in keeping an open dialogue going and spreading positive energy on every one of my sets. I'm always asking the actors questions, seeking specificity in justifications, and empowering them with the freedom to trust their instincts. As a producer, I'm a big believer in the power of a team on the same page. I absolutely love connecting various people in the field with different perspectives and strengths and being the point person between them all. Strong coordination and organizational skills, decisiveness, empathy, and kindness are all qualities that I feel set me apart in this realm.

To work with me in a producing or directing capacity, please feel free to contact me here.

To learn more about Lighthouse Ladies, LLC, a female-founded-owned-operated production company I co-founded, head over to the LL page!

Scroll down to view some photos of me in action!

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