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6.21.22 - film festival

I recently attended the Manhattan Film Festival where 6 episodes Stonestreet Studios' For the Love of Art screened.

Photo Credits: Getty Images

6.11.22 - staged reading

In early June, I had the pleasure of bringing Queen Consort of Holland (and Napoleon's stepdaughter) Hortense de Beauharnais to life in Connor McKenna's most recent work On The Education of Imperial Daughters.

Photo Credits: Marc Werner

6.4.22 - joined a coaching app!

In addition to acting, I'm also a teacher (for students K-12) and creative life coach. I joined the Limelight app to connect with creatives and possible clients!


More info coming soon to this website... :)

Photo Credits: Mike Munari

5.7.22 - premiere of new film - wrong bar

Wrong Bar, a short I wrote, directed, produced, edited, partially shot, and starred in (too much... I know!) premiered for a group of wonderful friends and supporters. It's currently undergoing final edits and will be up soon! Special thanks to Katra Bar and Lounge for the location that brought the film to life.

Photo Credits: Peri LeBlanc

6.20.22 - central park!

What's better than a fun photoshoot on a nice summer day? More to come on the Photoshoots Tab :).

Photo Credits: Heather Lynn Wong

6.8.22 - film premiere

A film I starred in premiered on the big screen! Official release date for Malcolm Mills' Such a Good Cook coming soon!

Photo Credits: Heather Lynn Wong

5.23.22 - Production & Teaching internship

I have the wonderful opportunity to work with Stonestreet Studios this Summer as a production & teaching assistant, working on-set weekly! 

Photo Credits: Alex Rollins Berg

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