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2022 SVW Wrapped!

My my it's been a while! In the spirit of Spotify Wrapped (and to make it up to you for the wait!), here's a little "SVW (Fall) Wrapped" without all the numbers (because I'm trying to enjoy my break). I hope you enjoy!

The Thinker (@NessNessPhotography)

What Have I Been Up To?

It's been a busy (to put it lightly) couple of months! Here's most of what I've been up to since October...

  • Back to the gym!

    • Though I haven't been the most consistent... I have been going! I'm trying to make working out more fun and accessible for myself in the new year... wish me luck!

  • Worked on a lot of incredible projects!

    • From short films to a sketch series to my first feature film (now in Post-Production), I've been booked and busy in 2022 and have met some phenomenal people and creatives along the way. More info to come!

  • Attended a "Navigating Bias in the Workplace" Panel

    • I'm so grateful to Stonestreet Studios for setting this panel up. It was an honor to meet and listen to these creatives speak. Having co-founded a female-owned and operated company, I knew this was a panel I couldn't miss!

You didn't think I was done, did you? :-p

  • Continued Shooting Odditudes sketch series... and CROWDFUNDING!

    • We wrapped production on Odditudes in late November (woohoo) and launched our crowdfunding campaign during that time too!

    • Thanks to our incredible donors, we were able to raise OVER 100% of our crowdfunding goal for all post-production and distribution needs.

    • To get the latest Lighthouse Ladies updates and collaboration opportunities, feel free to follow us on Instagram here (where you'll see posts like this one below) and check out our website here!

  • Mentored the Hispanic Scholarship Fund's Media & Entertainment Summit in LA!

    • During all of this, I also had the honor of mentoring an incredible group of Hispanic Scholars during a lovely four day trip across the country. What a rewarding experience! I cried when leaving because I felt I had really found a home and a community in the states surrounded by other Hispanic artists and entrepreneurs. It was an environment unlike any other I'd ever experienced here in the US. Special thanks to the Walt Disney Company, EA, and Warner Bros Discovery for helping make it happen!

  • Workshopped my new play the Up Above with Broke People Play Festival!

    • What an amazing experience this was with some incredible people!! the Up Above was the inaugural developmental reading ever done at Broke People Play Festival and we received so much helpful feedback before Alex, Averil, and I tour it around to NYC high schools in Spring of 2023. How exciting!

  • I met the governor of NJ!

    • My younger brother Marc is the first Hispanic Chair of the NJ High School Democrats (everyone say "yay Marc!!") and invited me as his +1 to a lovely Holiday Party with the Governor. What a fun time! In addition to meeting NJ Governor Phil Murphy, we dined with some wonderful advocates and politicians in the state and I met an old friend... an American Girl Doll, of course! Other than that, I gave a speech and signed some bills into law (see below) (jk).

  • Recorded & edited a VO reel

    • I get the final cut from the talented audio engineer in January and you already know where it'll be... do I smell a new website tab?

Any Favs to Share?

It's shoutout time! Here are some people, products, and practices I've been loving so far...

  • @NessNessPhotography

    • If you're looking to photograph a special moment, day, or occasion, NJ/NY photographer extraordinaire Vanessa's your person! I wanted to do something special for the one year anniversary with my partner Heather and couldn't have had a better experience! Check out the pics below and contact Vanessa here. Not sponsored—I just adore her and all she does :).

  • Skincare!!

    • Little known fact about me is I had a summer internship at a fashion/beauty magazine when I was ~16 and I spent hours there organizing the beauty closets and drawers by brand, ingredient, benefits—you name it! This year has been the year of getting my skincare routine together! Shoutout to my retinols, Skinfix+ moisturizer, Glow Recipe everything, La Roche Posay Cleanser, and many more. If you'd like skincare tips or recs, contact me or leave a comment below! In another life, I was a Sephora Beauty Consultant and/or Beauty Influencer. Maybe one day... who wants to get the ball rollin' and send me PR?

  • The Sims 4

    • I caved! I went back to my roots of waking up early Sunday mornings to play The Sims 2 and 3 for hours and am now playing a couple hours each day. THIS is how I unwind—lol!

  • Rest <3

    • I'm taking the holiday season break to actually rest, relax, and recharge. I feel like I don't do that enough!

  • Heather & Family

    • Heather, her wonderful mother who came in for the Holidays, and my family have really made these last few weeks super special. Thank you all for being my rocks.

  • SZA's new album SOS - highly recommend!

I won't bore you with more! This has already become a novel!! I have many things in the works and cannot wait to share what's to come. I also may have a surprise coming up next... stay tuned and subscribe to stay updated :).


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