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October at a Glance~

It's really been a minute! And by that I mean... a wild whirlwind of a month. Here's a little bit about what I've been up to this spooky October.

Overall, lots to be grateful for! Before diving into the specifics, I'd like to thank everyone that made this month special and eventful. I'm truly grateful to be auditioning as much as I am and meeting some incredible folks along the way. Odditudes is also running smoothly! We have one more shoot day and then it's all post-production from there. Alright, enough with the sap... onwards!

10.19.22 - AMAZANDA Screening

Working my way backwards just a bit, I had a blast at the Amazanda screening in the Flatiron district, in which I play the titular role. It seems we're in the final stages of post-production and I cannot wait to share it here!

Look at me goooo...

Ok ok, now I'll go to the beginning LOL!

10.3.22 - On-Set Intimacy Coordinator and Featured Extra in Lilly Weak's Initiation

It was wonderful to work with my good friend and collaborator Lilly Weak once again on her newest horror short! Here are some of my favorite BTS photos.

10.3.22 - A Personal Win!

Those who know me know that food is love, and I treated my lovely partner and I to some roasted honey garlic drumsticks with a rainbow carrot, mushroom, spinach medley. Woo!

Let me know if you'd like my Vikki's Famous recipe :,).

10.7.22 - Big Zoo Tisch Mainstage Opening!

Getting to support 2 of 4 Lighthouse Ladies in this wonderful piece was a dream come true! Congrats to Heather Lynn Wong and Cindy Xu! And big thank you to Naiya McCalla for the photo and for enjoying the show with me.

10.14.22 - Shoot day for ZASHA

In October, we began production for ZASHA, a new feature in association with Stonestreet Studios directed by the award-winning legend Alex Rollins Berg. Here, I play Dawn, a sheltered, bubbly, costume-loving gal. More info to come...

10.15.22 - Pink Morph Suits at the Tank

Directed by the brilliant Alex Oleksy and written by the wonderful Ian Reid, Pink Morph Suits, a show I was lucky enough to run social media for (@pinkmorphsuitsplay), premiered! The producer (queen Charlotte Nash) was lovely to help me out with some BTS photos...

For more of my design endeavors, please check out the instagram!

10.18.22 - Lighthouse Ladies Rebrand

We're excited to announce that Lighthouse Ladies is shifting from solely a production company to an entertainment group & artists collective. More information to come but we're thrilled about the possibilities on the horizon!

10.19.22 - Back in the VO booth!

Can't share anything justttt yet... hehe.

I believe that's all for now! I'll be back with updates soon enough :,).


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