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Did you miss me? - Sònia Victoria Werner 2023 Life Updates

I'm baaaaaack!! Goodness it's been a while! I've been meaning to write this post for what feels like weeks upon weeks upon months upon years... you get what I'm saying. Today, I'm finally breaking free from the clutches of writer's block to bring you up to speed. Better late than never, right?

SVW in front of the NYU Tisch building window which says "Congratulations Graduates"

The past few weeks (okay, maybe months) have been a whirlwind of emotions and mega life shift experiences. I've spent countless hours pondering over this post, contemplating how much to reveal and how deeply to delve into my journey. But let's set the stage for what's to come... aka let's dive into the personal and professional wins as well as the hiccups along the way.

1.13.23 - My Birthday!

Ah yes, the most amazing day of the year... my birthday!! All jokes aside, I had a lovely day here in NYC celebrating with friends, family, and my favorite foods (see tacos depicted below from Los Tacos Numero 1). Special thanks to Heather for making it so special :).

1.23.23 - I joined The Playground Experiment community!

It's been a real joy getting to write and act with PGE. The community both online and in-person is truly an honor to be a part of. On January 23rd, I got to do a little acting, and shortly thereafter, my new sibling dramedy June & George/George & June got its first reading starring Kelsea Baker and Chris Rothbauer. They killed it! Soon after that, I was invited to participate in the "Drop and Give Me Ten" fundraiser, for which I wrote the beginning of a new queer comedy called Casi-NO ... more to come!

1.28.23 - Booked a VO gig!

I was thrilled to work with emerging animator legend and director Kennedy Shine for their newest short, where I got to voice the fabulous mermaid lead KAILANI. Can't wait to see the finished product!

End of Jan/Beginning Feb - Back on a Multi-Cam Set!

It was amazing to work with the incomparable DeeDee again on set! We had a blast :,).

2.4.23 - Lighthouse Ladies x The Fool Volk collab!

Melina, Cindy, Heather, and I were so excited to be working with The Fool Volk again in their night of art/work in collaboration with artist Helen Lavelle. In the famous La Mama Galleria, Melina read some original works while I held a metaphorical light... a lighthouse, you see? Lol!

Spring 2023 - the Up Above tour!

I was lucky enough to work with the most incredible team (and long-time director extraordinaire Alex Oleksy!) to support my TYA play the Up Above in going on tour to various middle and high schools around every borough of New York. It was a dream come true and could not have happened without the talents of these amazing people.

Alright, this is turning into a bit of a PART 1 to a much longer post, but you get the gist of what I've been up to!

Thank you for your unwavering support and for sticking around during my hiatus. I'm thrilled to be back, ready to continue this incredible journey with each and every one of you.

Stay tuned for more updates, stories, and reflections – there's so much to chat about, and I can't wait to share it all with you. Good night!

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